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"A rousing emerging talent who specialises in crafting thoughtful, sombre songs that feel as heartfelt and resonating as they are engaging" - Clout

"A shimmering mix of indie, pop and soft rock" - Alfitude

"Eliza Harrison Smith's vocals are just as sweet as Kacey Musgraves and arguably more addictive" - It's All Indie

"[Smith's] ability to piece together authentic lyrics with compelling pop hooks and production will continue to propel her in her career" - Pop Passion Blog


Hailing from Washington, D.C. and now based in Nashville, TN, Eliza Harrison Smith is an indie-pop singer and songwriter with a mesmerizing talent. Eliza’s music combines infectious melodies, introspective lyrics, and breezy indie-pop production - all tied together by her airy, emotive vocals. Eliza has already enchanted listeners with the release of songs like “August” and "Didn’t Love Me”. She's also performed at legendary venues across the country, from The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to The Bitter End in New York City. She’s gained industry recognition as well, earning an honorable mention in American Songwriter’s 2022 Song Contest with her solo-written song "Got Away With It". Eliza's newest single, "Back Of My Mind", has been her biggest release yet, amassing 300,000 streams and counting on Spotify alone. With a five-song EP on the horizon for 2024, Eliza is set to make her mark on the indie-pop scene.

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  • named "One To Watch" by the Nashville Songwriters Assocation, International (NSAI)

  • given an honorable mention in American Songwriter's 2022 Song Contest

  • garnered 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

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