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 about eliza 

Eliza Harrison Smith is an indie-pop singer and songwriter based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Eliza began writing songs and playing guitar at thirteen after seeing Taylor Swift in concert. Eliza’s love of words and writing led her to study English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She lived in Scotland for four years, writing songs all the while, and made the leap after graduation to pursue songwriting as a career.


Eliza moved to Nashville in the fall of 2019 with the primary goal of writing songs for other artists. She immediately started collaborating with artists and songwriters around town, and she's had songs recorded by pop artist Kendall Bowser and folk/pop artist Koli Kohler. She’s been recognized as one of the Nashville Songwriter Association International’s “Ones to Watch”, and she was given an honorable mention in NSAI’s 2020 Song Contest for a song she wrote by herself.


After releasing an EP of demos in 2021, Eliza decided to step fully into the artist role in 2022, releasing two singles, "August" and "Got Away With It". She has plans to put out several more singles in 2023. With influences ranging from The Dixie Chicks to John Mayer to Phoebe Bridgers, Eliza’s artistry combines confessional songwriting with infectious pop melodies and breezy, indie-pop production. Her friends have called her the “queen of the sad song”, and her new music is sure to be a captivating, emotional listen.

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